Release Date : 21 Jan, 2022

Label : 659 Records

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The Pitch

Emerging from the depths of Balearic electronica, Voices is a mesmerizing sonic tapestry that weaves together captivating samples, hypnotic rhythms, and ethereal melodies to transport the listener on an unforgettable auditory voyage. Originally conceived as a remix idea, Voices spent nearly two years in the creative incubator before emerging as a fully realized original piece, a testament to the artist’s unwavering dedication to crafting music that resonates on a profound level.

The track’s title perfectly encapsulates its otherworldly essence, evoking a sense of mystery and intrigue that lingers long after the final notes fade. The music itself serves as a conduit for introspection, inviting the listener to delve into the depths of their own emotions and explore the vast landscapes of consciousness that lie within.

Voices is a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries and connect with listeners on an emotional level. It is a journey through sound and emotion, a sonic odyssey that will leave you feeling transformed and inspired.